About Us


The background.

Our story starts one long afternoon in the Australian department store David Jones. Karissa was on a travel visa and currently working for Estee Lauder. While doing makeup on a client for their formal, she noticed there were not many brands in the store that provided a selection of lashes, let alone at a fair price. There was one brand in the store that sold a few styles and they were over $20 a pair- NOT the kind of money you want to be paying for basic lashes. Over her break she swung by a pharmacy to look for better options out there.
To her total surprise, there wasn’t.
The pharmacy was still selling cheap, plasticky feeling lashes for over $13. That still seemed like a joke.

A business is born.

Karissa had had enough. She was tired of crappy lashes that cost too much. Frustrated with finding only a handful of boring styles in any store she visited. Over ordering online and having it take a month and a half to arrive. She was done with bad false eyelashes.

Determined to make things better for both herself and makeup lovers alike, Karissa pitched an idea to her brother Hayden. He had a knack for starting businesses and with only a little bit of convincing, SocialEyes Lashes was born.
The goal was to delight local and international customers with the SocialEyes experience from start to finish while manufacturing our product ethically (VEGAN!), providing an affordable range of styles for all eye shapes and earning a fair living doing so.


After starting in a small garage on the Central Coast, NSW, Australia, SocialEyes Lashes has since grown to include an office / warehouse in British Columbia, Canada, a warehouse just outside of London in the United Kingdom and a new warehouse location in Australia. Today SocialEyes sells their premium lashes all around the world, Online and with distributors in Iceland, New Zealand, Kuwait, Europe and more.

The focus hasn’t really changed since that fateful day. SocialEyes is still motivated by its roots of selling awesome, high quality lashes at a fair price. The only thing that’s changed is now there’s a focus on getting them to people quickly! That means that instead of outsourcing everything, each lash is handled by a SocialEyes employee who cares about what goes out the door.

All about you

We’re not quite sure why you’re on our site. Maybe you too got tired of bad eyelashes. It might be that you just needed a new pair of lashes for your best friend’s wedding, or a dance recital. Or maybe you heard from a friend about that “little eyelash store online that sells their own great lashes” (Oh stop it – we’re blushing!).
Whatever the reason, we have a promise for you:
We’ll always stay committed to our roots- we’re a family owned and operated business and we genuinely appreciate you being here to support us.
That means that when you’re buying lashes from us, you can be sure that every little thing that you encounter from the second you see our website to the day you’re wearing your lashes – you has been thought of and carefully looked after. You can be sure that you’re getting THE best lashes, an abundance of choice and a guarantee of fair prices.
Whatever the reason may be, welcome to SocialEyes. We’re glad you’re here.

Karissa & Hayden Pukas

(what’s up with the name?)

We get asked that more often than you’d expect! It’s really quite simple – SocialEyes is a play on words, just us being silly with the word Socialize. It represented what we wanted- genuine interaction. Going back to the basics and looking someone in the eye and making it count. Be a Flirt, be Irresistible – be whoever you want to be that day. Let your eyes do the talking. Get it? * Wink Wink *