SocialEyes FAQ

What are SocialEyes lashes made from?

The majority of SocialEyes lashes are made from 100% sterilised premium human hair. This hair has been collected from various certified hair salons. Some lashes may be made with lightweight, flexible synthetic fibre, similar to human hair, due to intricacy of particular texture and style. LATEX Allergies: Each lash is held to the eyelash tray by a trace amount of latex glue. Please be sure to remove all of the glue before applying a Latex-Free glue of your choice.

How many times can my lashes be used?

With proper care applying and removing, our lashes can be applied five or more times. Be sure to carefully remove any glue and/or makeup from the lashes before placing them back in their holding tray to store them without ruining the shape.

How do I apply my lashes?

Carefully peel false eyelashes from tray being extra cautious to not damage them. Using tweezers, place the false eyelashes along your natural lash line. If the false eyelashes extend beyond your lash line, remove and trim as needed. Using the lash glue tip applicator, apply a light amount of glue along the band, with a little extra on the corners to prevent lifting. Carefully place eyelashes along your lash line, being careful to not have them touch your eyelid. Press along the lash gently for a couple seconds to secure.

How can I remove my lashes?

Generally, the easiest way to remove your false eyelashes is to apply a non-oil based makeup remover using a cotton ball. Just dab the makeup remover along the lash strip to soften the lash glue. One the glue is softened, gently lift on of the corners of your fake lashes being careful to not tug too hard. Slowly work your way along your lash line until you can fully remove them.

Can I change or cancel my order once it is placed?

You are only able to cancel your order if you have not yet received our shipping confirmation email. Unfortunately you can't change your order once it is placed so be extra careful when you place an order that everything is correct in the first place.  

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. Please check out Shipping and Handling Page for rates and ship times.

How do I place an order and check out?

Click "SHOP" on the main menu of the website. From "SHOP" you can create a new order by adding the items of your choice to your shopping cart simply by hovering your mouse over the picture of the item. Then you will see a small shopping cart appear, click it and the lash has then been added to your shopping cart. You can also click on the photo of the lash to give you more information.On the individual lash page there is a blue "Add to Shopping Cart" button that you can click if you wish to purchase that lash. You can also toggle how many of that style you would like to add to your shopping cart. If you make a mistake and wish to adjust your order, click on the little Socialeyes shopping cart in the top right corner and then click "View shopping cart". Once you are finished shopping and you are ready to checkout, click the little Socialeyes shopping cart in the top right corner, and then click "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT" We will then ask you for some information that we require in order to ship your order. Please fill in all the fields with your CORRECT details. Almost done. Click "Check Out Now With PayPal" to log into your paypal account (or add your card information) to complete the payment. You will then have a chance to review your order and check that everything is correct before you Click "Confirm order"- PLEASE Check that everything is correct. We cannot change your order once it has been placed. After you have successfully placed an order with SocialEyes Lashes, you will receive a order confirmation in your email. If you did not receive the order confirmation email, please check your junk mail. If you definitely didn't receive a confirmation email, we did not get your order and/or payment information correctly. If you're still having trouble, contact us and we will help you sort it out :) Contact Us Now

I am unable to place an order.

If you are unable to place an order because you don't know how, please follow our purchasing guide "HOW TO PLACE AN ORDER AND CHECKOUT" If you are unable to place a order because of an error with the website, try deleting your cookies and update your internet browser. If you're still unable to place an order, we apologise, please Contact Us and let us know what's happening.

I ordered multiple sets of eyelashes, but only some arrived.

If you ordered a lot of lashes, it may have been shipped in multiple envelopes. We ship in separate envelopes to save YOU postage costs. This means sometimes your second, third or even fourth envelope (depending on the number of lashes you ordered) may still be making its way to your mailbox. If part of your order hasn't arrived within the quoted shipping time, please contact us.

I am interested in purchasing wholesale lashes, can you give me a discount?

If you are wanting to purchase 500 or more of our lashes, please Contact Us

Incorrect Address?

Please double check your address before completing your order. If you've already placed your order contact us ASAP. We will only be able to help you out if you haven't already received a shipping confirmation email. Thank you.

My credit card was charged twice for my order.

All our payments are processed with PayPal. does not store, nor have access to any of your credit card information. So that's a great question, why did your card get billed twice? Check your email and see if you received more than one order confirmation email. If you have multiple confirmation emails, it's likely you accidentally placed more than one order. Please contact us ASAP. If you only received one confirmation email and your card was billed twice please contact us with your order number in the title and we will make it our priority to get to the bottom of things ASAP.  

I didn't receive a confirmation email after I placed my order Please check to see if the email is in your email Junk/Spam folder. If you definitely didn't receive a confirmation email from us, then you may have entered your email address wrong. Please contact us, and we will try to correct your email address, and send you your confirmation email.

Do you accept returns?

Sorry, we do not accept returns. All sales are final.  

Why haven’t I received my order yet? Please allow the quoted time in business days for your lashes to arrive (Mon-Fri, not counting weekends) If your lashes still haven't arrived after the quoted time, let us know and we will look into it for you.

I haven't received my tracking number?

If you selected shipping via Canada Post, Australia Post or Royal Mail 2nd Class these are shipped untracked to save you money on postage costs. All international orders, and all orders where "Fast Shipping" has been selected are shipped with tracking numbers.

I have received a tracking number, but it doesn't work

DHL Global Mail tracking numbers track until your package is handed off to your countries government post service. If your countries postal service supports tracking numbers, they will be available on the DHL tracking page under "Delivery by Postal provider". All United States Postal Service tracking numbers will become valid once they are scanned into the USPS system, usually 2-5 business days after you order has been placed. If you are having any other difficulties tracking your package, please contact us and let us know.

The style I would like to buy is sold out

We're sorry about that. Please check back soon and we will have replenished our inventory.

What should I do if my order is damaged when I receive it?

Take a picture of the damaged order and send the picture along with your order number to with a message describing the damage and or defect with the product. PLEASE email us instead of posting on twitter/facebook/instagram as we will most likely not see it and not be able to send you new ones.

What should I do if my order is incorrect when it arrives?

Compare the lashes you received in the mail with your order confirmation email. If the styles on your order confirmation email are different than what you received in the mail, we apologise and will fix it as soon as possible. Please take a picture of the Lashes you did receive, along with your order number and send it to We will replace your order and credit you if we were at fault.

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