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You’re at your favorite festival, it’s 11pm and the DJ is dropping the last of his set. You look around to see the joy on people’s faces, the colours and costumes, the air humming and buzzing with energy and sound from all angles. The music swells, there is a pause where you look up – make eye contact with the cutie in front of you – and the beat drops…

Electra are the lashes to match that vibe – they’re the little extra energy in your look. The lashes are not too long, but are piece-y giving the lash a flirty feel. They are another great choice for someone with smaller eye’s wanting a bolder lash.

Part of our Silver Series – Our luxury vegan line that mimics silver fox & mink lashes without the cruelty – these lashes are lush. Giving your lashes both density while still managing to look airy, these are definitely going to get you pumped on your look. Because who doesn’t love adding a bit of energy to their look?

The little details that matter:

1. Made of a perfect blend of synthetic and human hair.
2. Hairs woven onto a skinny black band.
3. Handcrafted? Always – Every lash is unique and may slightly differ from the images shown.
4. Goes great with: MGMT’s “Electric Feel”, Coachella, Wearing flats so you can dance!

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