Minx 3 Pack

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$20.85 $17.95

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They say two is better than one. We’re still not quite sure who “they” is, but we certainly agree. That being said, if two is better than one, three must be spectacular, right? We certainly think so! You asked for it and we provided; here’s a three-pack for our Minx lashes. Enjoy!

Some lashes are designed to help you look sweet. Others are there to subtly frame the beauty of your eyes. Others still are meant to barely be noticed, adding polished glamour. Minx lashes are not going to do any of that. No, these flirty lashes are meant to get you noticed. Minx lashes are a conversation piece- a piece de renaissance.

These boldly flirtatious lashes are crisscrossed to perfection. Adding subtle volume to the base of your lashes, and a romantic piecey look at the tip, these lashes will make you feel confident in a way only looking fantastic can achieve.

The Little Details that Matter:

  1. Made from perfectly natural hair
  2. Hairs woven onto a Skinny Black Band
  3. Handcrafted? Always.
  4. Goes great with: flirtatious lipstick, Band T’s, Questionable decisions.
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