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$5.95 $4.17

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A gem from the earth looks just like any other stone – but when carefully polished they’ll sparkle in the eyes of the world. If you’re like anyone else, you’ve been in the mood where you just want to show the world what you’re made of – you want to shine! Polished lashes are a perfectly sophisticated lash to add to any elegant look you’re going for.

These natural lashes are slightly longer in the middle and fairly evenly distributed hairs. Polished lashes give you perfect long and full lashes for a gracefully feminine look. These lashes are great for larger/round/hooded eyes.

The Little Details that Matter:

  1. Material: Made from perfectly natural hair
  2. Hairs woven onto a clear band
  3. Handcrafted? Always.
  4. Goes great with: Big girl panties, Pageants, French Manicures.
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