About Us


Image of Karissa Pukas Holding SocialEyes False Eyeslashes

The beginning…

Our story begins one long, hot afternoon inside  Australian department store, David Jones. Our founder Karissa, was working for Estee Lauder at the time and while doing a client’s makeup, noticed that the store had a very limited selection of lashes – most of which were rather expensive. There was only one brand she could spy that sold more than just a couple of styles, and they cost $20+ a pair! On her break, she swung by a neighbouring pharmacy to look for better options, but to her dismay she came up empty handed.

A business is born!

Tired of waiting weeks for online orders or finding overpriced plastic lashes in stores (or even worse, finding overpriced lashes made from animal hair…) Karissa was determined to change the system. After coming up with a name and designing some styles, she pitched an idea to her entrepreneurial younger brother Hayden, and with copious amount of coffee, lots of trial and error and many late-night, international Skype calls, SocialEyes Lashes was born!

The goal was to cater to local and international customers alike, providing an exceptional lash shopping experience from start to finish. Before long, SocialEyes Lashes was manufacturing ethical, vegan lashes in a wide range of affordable styles with unmatched quality and ultimate comfort  – catering to ALL and shipping to customers all over the globe.


With humble beginnings in a small garage on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia, SocialEyes Lashes has since grown to include warehouses in Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia, with a head office in British Columbia.

Today, SocialEyes sells our gorgeous lashes to creative guys and gals all over the world with distributors in Iceland, New Zealand, Kuwait and Europe – among others.

Basically, we’re on track for total world domination!

The focus hasn’t really changed since that fateful day in David Jones. SocialEyes is still motivated by its roots of selling awesome, high quality lashes at a fair price and providing a platform for ALL artists.

All about you!

Maybe you’re on our site because you’re sick to death of over-priced, poorly made lashes. Or, maybe you need a new pair for a night out, a wedding or a dance recital. Perhaps your best friend told you that you absolutely have to check out our lashes because “they’re the bomb.com and without them eye-makeup would never be complete” (oh stoppp, we’re blushing)!

Maybe you’re even lost, and you’re like “Why have I been reading about lashes for the last four minutes”.

Whatever the reason, we’re making you a promise…

We’ll always stay committed to our roots, we’re a family owned and operated business and we genuinely appreciate that you’re here, supporting us- the small guy.

When you purchase lashes from us, you can be sure that every tiny encounter – from the second you click on our website, until our lashes are glued to your pretty peepers – the experience has been thoughtfully catered just for you. You can be sure that you’re getting the BEST lashes, an abundance of choice and paying a fair price.

So, whatever the reason you’re here – we want to welcome you to SocialEyes.

We’re glad you stopped by!!

Karissa Pukas Hayden Pukas


✨P.S. Want to know what’s up with our name? We get asked this a LOT but really, it’s pretty simple. SocialEyes is just a play on words.

SocialEyes = Socialize. It represents what we’re wanting to achieve- genuine interaction.

Let your eyes do the talking… (Get it?  Wink, wink!)