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SocialEyes Lash Glue: The Best in the Biz

We’ve had a few questions recently about our lash glue – people wanting to know what’s so great about it and why it’s so special – so we thought we’d write a handy-dandy blog post and answer all your pressing questions!

If you want to find out more about why our lash glue is the best in the game, then keep on reading!

Ok, so let’s keep it super real – lots of lash glue out there flat-out sucks. Whether it’s a weird fishy smell, or the fact that it causes wicked irritation (likely due to the fact they’re not really “100% latex-free”), some lash glue just isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

One day, we decided enough was enough – we’re a lash company and we’re lash wearers, and we were hella sick of trying to find a lash glue that’s animal friendly, easy to use, lasts all night, and doesn’t smell weird. So, we decided the time had come to make our own dang lash glue.

Our lash glue in all its glory – so beautiful, so sleek.

We worked tirelessly to make sure that not only would our glue be the best we could possibly get, but that it was free of all the icky crap we don’t want near our eyes (animal by-products anyone?).

After testing (and retesting) our product with a dermatologist, we can happily tell you why our glue is better than the rest

Below we’ve answered a few of the most frequent questions that come our way regarding our glue.

Super Quick Q&A


Q. Is your glue *really* vegan?

A. Ya huh. It contains NO animal by-products and is 100% vegan.


Q. Ok, but is it *really* latex-free?

A. You bet it is. For real, for real.


Q. Are there any other nasties in it that I should know about?

A. No way. It contains no formaldehyde or phthalates.


Q. How long does it take to dry?

A. It’s really quick to dry – 15 – 30 seconds max (depending on just how tacky you like it) and it dries perfectly clear so it’s perfect for liner and no-liner days.


Q. How long does it last?

A. Honestly? Ages. We’ve partied our butts off in the sweaty Coachella heat, we’ve danced til dawn at more nightclubs than you can poke a stick at, we’ve sat out in the hot-ass sun on a patio drinking mimosas all day and we can tell ya, it’s not budging.


Q. How do I get it off once I’m ready to part ways with my lashes?

A. For more info on that check out this blog and keep on reading – we touch on removal below!


Q. Can you tell me about the applicator? It looks like it comes in a tube, right?

A. Sure! The applicator is SUPER thin, making it exceptionally easy to apply just the right amount of lash glue to the lash band. No need to tip it out onto a surface and run the lash band through it or anything crazy like that!


Now – that Q&A time is over, it’s time for a little glue pro-tip.

The best way to apply our glue (or any lash glue, for that matter) is to dab a thin layer onto the lash band and allow it to dry for 15 – 30 seconds. You want the glue to be tacky and blowing on it lightly can help to expedite this process.


Look at these lashes, they are going noooowhere! Picture courtesy of the wonderful @monaaa.c on Instagram. (She’s rocking our Siren lashes in case you’re curious!)

After that, you’re good to go – get to applying those lashes! (And if you want a little extra help you should try our helpful lash tool, and read up on the best way to apply your lashes).

So, now for the removal process. Because this is a latex-free formula (like really, really it is latex-free) it’s best removed with an oil-based makeup remover. Gently press a cotton pad doused in makeup remover to your eye, let it sit and chill for 15-20 seconds and then slowly swipe to the side. Note: don’t pull or press too hard, you need to be *super* delicate around your eyes. Once you’ve done this your lashes should slide right off. Tidy up an extra glue by gently removing it with your fingers or a q-tip. Keyword: gentle. These babies are hand made so you’ve gotta to be veryyyy careful.

If you have any residue left on your eye then just repeat the process, swiping a cotton pad with makeup remover across your eye.

Another shot of the aforementioned glue – so pretty, so cool, so effortless.


So, what are you waiting for? Add our glue to your cart, baby! But really, we are all about happy customers. If you’re not psyched about our glue (or any of our products, for that matter) or if you have any questions, then please get in touch via email and we’ll make things right.

That’s all from us for now, remember – if you have a topic that you’d love to see covered in our blog send us a message on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook!


The SocialEyes team.

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Are Mink Lashes Cruelty-Free? The Facts

Facts about fur farming 2018

There’s a common misconception out there in the universe that mink lashes are always, if not mostly, cruelty-free. Some people may be trying to tell you that mink fur is plucked delicately from the body of said mink, while it’s being caressed and fed fresh delicacies. Others might tell you that there’s no possible way that a poor mink could be harmed during the fur retrieval process – if anything, it’s fun for the mink. These claims are half-truths at best. So, in short, unfortunately – you’re probably being lied to. Sorry ‘bout it.

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Glam Time: Three Super Simple Makeup Looks for Prom or Graduation

Makeup tutorial for graduationa and prom 2018

Hello, gorgeous! Spring is finally here, and you know what that means… PROM SEASON! Or, for those of you have already experienced the milestone that is prom and are now hustling your way through college, it’s graduation time! Which is exactly why we put together a makeup tutorial for the 2018 Prom and Graduation season!


Finding the perfect look for these big events can be a *little* bit stressful, but don’t worry we’ve got your back! Read on and you will find three stunning, yet simple, makeup looks that will turn heads at your prom or graduation. We used a different pair of SocialEyes lashes for each look – and all three were created using drugstore makeup, so they’re very budget friendly!

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The Lash Convert Diaries – Vol. 2

Choosing the right lashes for a beginner

The Lash Convert Diaries Vol. 2


Watch us turn a lash skeptic into a lash lover in our exclusive blog series.

Welcome to another installment of The Lash Convert Diaries, where we take a gorgeous gal who is new to the world of false lashes, and glam her up with SocialEyes! We want to give you a firsthand look at how our vegan, handcrafted lashes can easily take your look to new heights, and we’re determined to show you that anyone can master the art of the false lash.


In this case, we’re getting up close and personal with gorgeous Vancouver based actress Brooke Walker. She’s a striking brunette – a perfect mix of your traditional Girl Next Door and a feisty femme fatale. Brooke wanted to try some falsies for the opening night of an Agatha Christie play in which she recently starred and we were happy to oblige. Here’s Brooke in full makeup without lashes. As you can see, she already looks amazing, but hold tight- the lashes will elevate her look and get her eyes ready for the limelight.

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Five Apps to Instantly Improve Your Instagram Game

Image for blog post on how to take better instagram pictures

Get that perfect makeup shot! This is our list of the best iPhone and Android photo editing apps for 2018.

You’ve gone to town on your face, you have beat it to hell and back and you are looking GOOD if you do say so yourself! You grab your phone to take a pic of this other-worldly goodness that has taken residence upon your face, but lo-and-behold that snap doesn’t do it justice! To the editing apps we go!

Ok, maybe your run-ins with less than perfect makeup pics – or any pics for that matter – isn’t quite this dramatic, but still. There’s nothing worse than looking bomb and taking a pic and having it come out “bleh”. Never fear, we are here to pull you from this snap-slump and help you take your Instagram game to the next level! Here are five apps that we think are top notch for getting that perfect pic.

(Just a heads up, we are not affiliated or being paid or anything else with these apps – they’re just genuinely the apps we like to use!)

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The Lash Convert Diaries – Vol. 1

Header image for social eyes lashes makeup blog about lash converts

Watch us turn a lash skeptic to a lash lover in our exclusive new blog series.

For our very first post, we thought it would be fitting to bring you a legitimate lash story. We’ve put tons of time into asking real women about their thoughts on falsies, and we’ve identified some common fears of women who are intrigued by the idea of false lashes, but are maybe a little intimidated by them for various reasons.
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8 Best False Eyelashes for a Beginner

Choosing false eyelashes for beginner

Not all of us were blessed with long, beautiful lashes and sometimes mascara just doesn’t cut it. So, what’s a gal or guy to do? Pop on a pair of falsies of course! From whimsical, wispy lashes to pairs that add a touch more drama, we’ve got a pair for you. We’ve worked hard to curate a list of lashes that are just-right for first-time lash wearers, so if you want to find your perfect pair then read on!

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Lashes & Lipstick: A Duo Made In Heaven

Matching Lipstick with False Eye Lashes

Ah lashes and lipstick. A pairing like no other. Can you have one without the other? Well, I mean, probably, let’s not get too crazy. Anyway, we’ve gone through our archives and tried to pair our current lipstick faves with a pair of #SocialEyesLashes. If you happen to try out any of the below combos then you best tag us on social media, we love seeing your snaps!

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