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How To Care For Your Lashes (Real and Fake) This Winter

How to care for your falsies

It’s well and truly the season for cosy beanies, blanket scarves and woollen socks! But, it’s all the season of parties, get-togethers and nights out on the town – which means, it could be time to take a good, hard look at your current skincare habits.

Falling temperatures and chilly, wet conditions can wreak havoc on your skin, your hair and even – you guessed it – your lashes. In short, wintery weather can seriously dry you out, disrupting your natural hair growth cycles.

So, if you’re a lash enthusiast who wants to keep your own lashes looking happy and healthy under your falsies this season, then read on!

Take your vitamins

Vitamins and nutrients are key all year round, but in winter we often feel like we need to step up our game. Depending on your personal preference – maybe you’re someone who swears by multivitamins, or maybe you prefer to get your fix from leafy greens – make sure vitamins are a party of your daily regimen. Vitamins B, D and E (and even B12) are known to promote skin and hair health and will help no end in giving your lashes a little boost during the sub-zero temps. Be wise when it comes to taking supplements, talk to your doctor about what will work for you.


Again, super key all year round but during the colder months we can sometimes be a little lacklustre when it comes to ingesting that good old H2O. Work out how much water you need (if you’re unsure, the whole eight glasses trick might help) and then figure out ways to ensuring your getting that amount each day. Maybe you invest in a fancy light-up water bottle, maybe you use a tracking app, or maybe you set reminders on your phone and carry a water bottle with you everywhere you go. Whatever works!


Ok, hold tight, we’re not talking about your *lashes* as such. When the temperatures drop moisturiser is a much needed comrade. But be careful and ensure you check the ingredients – especially if you’re moisturising around your eyes.

Take warm showers, but not too warm

One of the things that can really dry our skin and hair out in the winter months is showering in water that is way too hot. It can also irritate eczema, among other skin-based issues. So, although it’s tempting to want to jump into a hot cauldron – whoops, I mean bath – after a long day, maybe just cool it down a little. You know, for the sake of your skin (and hair, and lashes).

Keep up with general upkeep

Now, this is nothing too tricky, just super simple things like removing your makeup before you go to bed and not curling your lashes with mascara on. Going to bed with your makeup on can wreak all sorts of havoc on your skin, and leaving mascara on your lashes isn’t great either. It can dry them out (everyone knows that crusty mascara feeling) and make them vulnerable to breaking. Curling your lashes with mascara on is another deal-breaker. While it’s not the worst of the worst it’s just not great. If the mascara gets tacky, there’s a higher likelihood that your lashes might stick to it, and in turn, stick to your lash curler. And last but not least, don’t pick at your lashes. We know it’s easy to mindlessly touch your face, your hair and your lashes but during winter’s less-than-ideal conditions, it’s probably best just to leave them alone.

What about my falsies?

Don’t worry, your falsies will do fine in any weather but there are a few things you can do to prolong their longevity and also protect your natural lashes.

  1. Be careful when applying and removing your falsies
    Just be gentle. Especially when taking them off, lift up a corner and then gently peel from right to left or left to right. If you remove any excess makeup (see here for tips) and store them back in your lash container, you’ll get wear out of them time and time again.
  2. Be precise with your glue application
    Being mindful can of where you’re putting your glue is especially important if you’re worried about the condition of your natural lashes. Now, getting glue in your lashes (which, let us tell you, happens to the best of us) is not the end of the world – it’s just the removal you need to be gentle with. To get rid of residue and any other eye makeup or mascara, use a cotton pad and makeup remover to gently pat down the lashes. Don’t tug or pull to get the glue free, you’re likely doing more harm than good.

If you take these tips on board your lashes will thank you for it – even when the weather outside is abysmal!

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Until next time.

Love, the team at SocialEyes x