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Perfect Peepers: Customise Your Lashes

false lash customisation

Sometimes finding the perfect pair of falsies to match your mood can be like looking for your holy grail lipstick that always seems to wiggle its way to the very bottom of your bag – difficult, to say the least!

But, unlike the futile search for a lost lippy – we have a solution! Customising your false lashes!

We all know what it’s like when we don’t have a super luxe pair of falsies on hand but we’re in desperate need of volume, or when we need just a littttttle more length – luckily, customising the perfect pair of lashes is as easy as 1-2-3!

Ok, so first things first – there are many ways to customise your lashes – but today we’re going to cover off four; stacking, layering, trimming and bedazzling.


Why? Stacking lashes is for when you want something a little more dramatic, a little more daring, but you don’t happen to have a pair of Minx 2.0s on hand. Or, maybe you do – but you want double the volume!

What? All you need are two pairs of lashes of your choosing! Two natural pairs = one dramatic, or two dramatic = doubly daring!

How? For this step, it can be easier to use your original lash tray, so if you feel like that’s best for you then grab your lashes but don’t peel them from their safe little home just yet.

Grab your handy dandy lash glue, and with the applicator apply a thin line of glue just below the lash strip. For the best results use a high quality lash glue (hint, hint like ours) so there’s no risk of fly away falsies.

Now, grab your second pair of lashes and gently place them along the lash strip either with your fingers or a pair of lash tweezers.

Wait 10 minutes for the glue to dry and then voila, the perfect pair of falsies! Just apply them as per usual, and if you’re looking for any application tips we suggest you check out this blog.


Why? Ok, ok we hear you – aren’t stacking and layering the exact same thing? Well, maybe – but not in this situation! By layering we are talking about adding a pair of half or three-quarter lashes to your favourite pair of falsies to just add a touch more volume to the outer corner. (For a lesson on how to make your own half or three-quarter lashes, skip ahead.)

What? Your current favourite pair of falsies and an additional, shorter pair. (May we suggest our Tease, Tease 2.0 or Peek-A-Boo lashes?)

How? Similar to above, but this time we actually add the second pair after securely popping on the first pair.

So, apply your lashes as normal and when they’re good and dry (we suggest leaving them for 5 to 10 minutes just to be sure) we are going to gently add the second pair to the outer corner. Now, this can be tricky but it just takes practice – we know you’ll have it down in no time!

Just be gentle and make sure to wait 15 to 30 seconds to ensure the glue is tacky before applying the second pair. (A good old fashioned winged liner can help in this instance too, adding a little added depth to your lash line and disguising any visible lash bands). If you feel like the two bands are blending together then gently dot your favourite liquid or felt tip liner on the top of both to blend them seamlessly.

Once the second pair is dry, you are good to go!


Why? Ever felt like you just want a touch of added volume to your lash line but all you have on hand is a pair of not-so-natural lashes? Well have we got the trick for you! You may have seen this sneaky trimming tip in another one of our blog posts (10 points to Gryffindor if you can name which one), but we suggest you read on, just in case you pick up anything new!

What? Whatever lashes you happen on have to hand – big and fluffy, nice and natural – so long as they’re full length.

How? First you’re going to want to start by placing the lashes against your lash line to work out exactly how much volume you want. There are two ways of doing this – you can cut one lash completely in half and turn them into half lashes (we suggest using a fuller lash for this, one that doesn’t taper in at the end such as Temptress) or, you can take both lashes and trim them to three-quarter length.

Whichever you choose, just remember – measure twice, cut once!

When you’re sure that you’ve got your desired length take a small pair of scissors (nail scissors work great for this) and trim. If you’re looking to create three-quarter length lashes, remember to always trim from the outside edge. That way – if you don’t cut enough you can always go back and trim a little more. But easy does it – we don’t need no Edward Scissorhands up in here! P.S. No hate to Ed, he is a lovable rogue.

Once you’ve got them trimmed and ready to go, apply as per usual and wham bam there you have it – perfectly natural looking lashes, with a dash of volume!


Why? Because sometimes we all feel like a little extra somethin’ somethin’.

What? Gems, glitter, lash glue, your favourite (preferably dramatic) lashes, lash tweezers.

How? So there are two ways to tackle this – either you can bedazzle the lash band with gems, or you can add a little sparkle to your lashes with glitter, or both!

If you want to bejewel your lashes, you’re going to want a thicker lash, as they’re likely to have a more substantial lash band, that can bear the weight of the gems – we suggest our Electra lashes.

Now, taking your lash tweezers gently pick up a gem and apply a small amount of glue to it. Wait for 15 – 30 seconds until it’s tacky and apply to the lash band. Feel free to add one or two gems, or create a line – whatever you feel like! But remember, the more gems – the heavier the lash.

Set aside to dry for 10 to 20 minutes and apply!

Now, if you’re wanting to add a little glitter to your lashes – or if bejewelling wasn’t enough for you, read on.

Taking a small synthetic brush, gently apply glue to your lashes, wherever you want the glitter to sit. You can gently apply it to the end of your lashes, or closer to the band – whatever you feel. Now, take the brush and dip it in your preferred glitter. Be gentle here, as you don’t want to disturb the shape of the lash. Dab on as needed and set aside to dry. Remember to blow on them, or give them a shake, before applying as you don’t want any unnecessary glitter flying around. And we also suggest using a glitter that is safe for use around the eyes – just to be extra careful!

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog, and that you learned a thing or two. Feel free to suggest other ways to customise your lashes by chatting to us on our social channels – we love to hear from you guys!



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