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7 Fun Facts About Falsies

So, clearly WE love falsies – considering we, you know, spend our time crafting and creating the perfect lashes so you guys can have the prettiest peepers in all the land. Now, we want to share our love for lashes with you – and tell you why they’re just the best dang thing since sliced bread! (Ok, we know lashes have big shoes to fill, not much tops a carby loaf of delicious bread).

So, without further ado, let’s get to listin’!

1. They’re perfect for any occasion

Whether it’s a wedding, a night out at the club, a cute dinner date or a wild gig with your favourite band, there’s a lash for you.

It can seem a daunting task to find the perfect pair of lashes so we decided to pour all our knowledge into this blog post and help out the lash lovers of the world!

Check out this STUNNING bride! Photo credit @actxln_ on Instagram.

2. Falsies come in a variety of shapes and sizes

Are your eyes round? Close-set? Hooded? Almond shaped? Eye shapes vary from person to person which can sometimes make picking the perfect pair of lashes a challenge. But we’re here to tell you that no matter your eye shape, there’s a false lash out there for you!

When looking for the best lash for you, it’s important to firstly define your eye shape. Not only is determining your natural eye shape important for picking the right pair of lashes, it’s key in knowing how to apply eye shadow and liner in a way that is complementary. There are many, many different eye shapes but we’ve outlined a few here in this blog for you, and matched each shape to the perfect lash!


3. Believe it or not, they can help to strengthen your natural lashes

Okay, they don’t have magic healing properties but false lashes are a quick way to add definition and fill out your own natural lashes that may be too thin or short. If you’ve been experimenting with lash extensions, or maybe you find it hard to not tug at your natural lashes, or just want to take a break from mascara and curlers, then falsies can be the way to go.

But be careful, and make sure to always have clean hands when applying them – if you’re looking for tips on how to apply them, then look no further – here are a few handy tips and tricks!

4. They can enhance any look in seconds

Have you ever finished your eye makeup and thought something was missing? Maybe your eyeliner doesn’t look quite right, or maybe you don’t even want to bother with liner but you feel your eyes aren’t making enough of a statement. Enter: false lashes!

They are the perfect addition to any eye look – whether it be full glitz and glam, or something very au naturale.

See? How gorgeous! Photo credit: @emilydown_mua on Instagram.

5. Supposedly, they were invented by a film director

In 1916, director D.W. Griffith wanted his leading lady, Seena Owen, to have “eyelashes long enough to brush her cheeks” when she blinked. So, in order to make this happen – and to make his black and white film pop, he did just that.

However, there are other creation myths floating around out there – like the one about Mrs Pomery, a woman who ran a beauty establishment in Bond Street, London pre-20th Century. It’s been said that she removed hairs from her clients heads and sewed them onto our eyelids! (How glad are we that now all you need is a little bit of glue!)

In 1911, a Canadian woman named Anna Taylor first patented artificial lashes, using a crescent of fabric implanted with itty bitty hairs. In 1915, Karl Nessler, a hairdresser known for his permanent waves, opened a hair salon in New York and sold lash services, promoting false eyelashes at his salon as, according to the New York Times, “a guard against the glare of electric lights.” He also hired chorus girls to sell them and bat their lashes at customers.

But even further back than that, in 1899, for instance, there were accounts of women having lashes implanted into their eyelids via needles, according to Racked. And it was a popular procedure – around this time, the more faint of heart attempted to glue human hair to their eyelids instead of threading it, but the method wasn’t too successful and the hair often fell off.

Seena in the movie, “Intolerance”. Credit: By film screenshot (D. W. Griffith Prod. / Triangle) ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

6. They were made mainstream by Max Factor

Makeup legend, Max Factor, gifted actress Phyllis Haver with a set of falsies – a gesture that caused a whirlwind of public interest. Apparently, he sewed real hair onto her own lashes!

How gorgeous was Phyllis Haver?!

7. Madonna once wore a pair worth $10,000

Yep, that’s right! Japanese makeup artist, Shu Uemura, created a pair of custom fake lashes for the Queen of Pop. Encrusted with diamonds, these mink lashes were some of the most expensive we’ve ever seen.

Well, that’s all from us! We hope you learned something new! Do you have any fun lash facts? If so, hit us up on our socials – we’d love to hear them!

Love, the team at SocialEyes x