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False Lashes Life Hacks

Tips and Tricks for Fake Lashes

Welcome to the first ever instalment of our brand spanking new BLOG! We’ll be posting here on the regular about all things lash-related so don’t forget to check back in so you stay up-to-date! If you have any ideas for topics we should cover, feel free to pop on over to our Instagram or Twitter and let us know!

Now, on with the blog!

Ok, so you’ve got your first pair of lashes – or maybe your second, or your third – and you’re like “ok, now what do I do?”. Well, fear not – we’re here to help! This list will help you become a total false lash pro and soon you’ll be dishing out advice to your fellow makeup obsessed mates left, right and centre!

1. Measure twice, stick once.
Not all false lashes will fit all eyes. Simple, right? When you get your lashes make sure to place them on your lash line to ensure they’re the right fit and not too long. If they are too long then all you need to do is take a pair of nail scissors and trim the ends (note: trim the end that sits on the outer edge of your eye, not the inner corner!)

2. Look down, not up.
If you place your mirror so you have to look down into it you will be ready to roll (thank us later!). With your mirror on a flat surface, look down and use your elbows to support yourself and your lash application will be smooth sailing.

3. Ready, set, curl.
If you curl your lashes and pop on a coat of mascara prior to popping on your lashes then everything will blend together naturally. It also means you don’t have to put mascara on after applying your lashes, which can get kinda messy and threaten the longevity of your falsies.

4. Don’t rush.
The key to a good application is tacky glue. So take your sweet time, put a thin line of lash glue along the band of your lashes and just take a moment. Have a 15 second dance break, eat some popcorn, sip some wine – you do you, boo! But seriously, the tackier the better, 15-30 seconds is optimal as the glue is still pliable enough for you to move your lashes if necessary but it’s not too wet so your lashes won’t be sliding all over the show.

5. Patience is a virtue.
Sometimes, lashes go on first try. And, sometimes they don’t. The key is to be patience – and using lash tweezers makes things a heck of a lot easier. Ensure the glue is tacky, take a deep breath, place the lashes on so the centre of the falsies line up with the centre of your lashes and pop them down. Then, use the tweezers to ensure the lashes aren’t going anywhere and voila! (NB: A little lick of eyeliner over the lash band can do wonders to make it less noticable and mascara can help blend your natural and false lashes together!) If you want a more in depth explanation (or even a video) then just ask, we can probably cajole Karissa into filming a little something 😜

6. Gently does it.
Ahhhh, is there any better feeling than peeling off a pair of false lashes after a long night? We’re gonna go ahead and say nope! But, remember to be gentle. Your lashes (well SocialEyes ones anyway) can last anywhere from five to 15 uses. Peel them off slowly, or use a cotton-swab and makeup remover if you’re being extra careful, and pop them somewhere safe. Then, in the morning use a cotton-swab and a little makeup remover to clean off any excess mascara/eyeshadow/unicorn glitter.

That’s it from us – until next time!

Love, the team at SocialEyes x