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Fall Favourites 🍂

favourite falsies for autumn

Hello, it’s us again! This time we’re back with a brand new blog that’s all about our favourite lashes for fall or autumn, as it’s called by you Southern Hemispheriens (we 100% just made that term up but let’s roll with it)! Now, we realize that it’s not fall for everyone right now, but on the real, you can wear these lashes anytime of the year!

Ok, so will the change in seasons comes a change in fashion, and with a change in fashion comes a change in makeup looks – get our drift? When we’re all kitted out in our cozy sweaters and cute ankle booties sometimes we feel the urge to create more dramatic, darker eye looks. Gone are the days of summer where we threw on some liner and a pair of falsies and were out the door, now that it’s not so toasty outside we have more time to sit in front of our vanities and create some bomb ass looks!

So in no particular order, here are our top five favourite lashes for fall

1 Minx

You thought we were going to say Minx 2.0, didn’t you? 😜 Well, we’re actually obsessed with the OG Minx lashes for fall. They’re just so fun and full and flirty – not too heavy, not too light.

These lashes are intended to get you noticed – they’re a conversation piece – a pièce de résistance if you please.

These bold lashes are flirtatious and criss-crossed to perfection. Adding subtle volume to the base of your lashes, and a romantic wispy look at the tip, these lashes will make you feel all 1. sorts of ways.

The details that matter:

  1. Woven onto a skinny black band
  2. Handcrafted, of course
  3. Goes great with: a brown smokey eye, band tees, wild decisions.
Our fabulous OG Minx lashes.

2 Vixen

Vixen lashes are a perfect complement to your own natural lashes, giving you a – dare we say, foxy and bright eyed look – minus the bushy tail. They’re beautiful and we KNOW you’re going to love them.

These lashes have fluttery, delicately clustered hairs which blend naturally into your own lashes. Vixen lashes are a perfect complement to your own natural lashes – there’s a reason they’re one of our best sellers 😉.

The details that matter:

1.Woven onto a clear band

2. Handcrafted? Yep!

3. Goes great with: A bold lips, winged liner and a cute dinner spot.

Our badass Vixen lashes

3. Flutter

Part of our Silver Series, Flutter lashes are for when you want your eyes to POP. Maybe it’s raining outside and you want to go to a fun dinner with your friends or maybe you just want to throw on a pair of lashes and your favourite jumper and go shopping on a chilly Sunday! Either way, our Flutter lashes will help create the illusion of larger, rounder eyes and make you stand out in a crowd.

As we’re sure you can see, these Silver Series lashes aren’t like our other lashes, or anyone else’s for that matter. Designed to mimic the best parts of silver fox or mink lashes – but without the cruelty that comes with them. Perfect for completing any dramatic look, our Silver Series Flutter lashes are an ideal option for smaller eyes. With the longest hairs in the centre of the lash, Flutter lashes will help create the illusion of larger, rounder eyes.

The details that matter:

  1. Made of a perfect blend of synthetic and human hair.
  2. Completely handmade
  3. Goes great with: A glass of Pinot, a wander through the shops, a drive-in movie.
How BOMB does our model Angela Bright look rocking the Flutter lashes?

4 I Woke Up Like This

The perfect lash to perfect your look as you’re running out the door, five minutes late for work with a piece of toast between your teeth. These lashes feature a wispy inner corner and cheeky flared outer edges.

You know who looks great seconds after waking up? Maybe Lana Del Ray on a good day. While we can’t fix bedhead hair, these lashes are going to give you a put-together and fresh look no matter how little time you had to get ready. These lashes are imperfectly perfect, lending that “I seriously look this good when I wake up” look to anyone.

You can thank us later 😘,

The details that matter:

  1. Carefully woven onto a clear band
  2. Handcrafted? Yes, you should know that by now! 😜
  3. Goes great with: Lounging around in yoga pants, coffee dates and window shopping.
As Beyoncé famously said “I woke up like this. We flawless, ladies tell ’em. Say I, look so good tonight” 🎶

And for the finale…


Part of our Silver Series of premium vegan lashes, Seductress lashes are rich, both in texture and in the look that they give. Designed to to add major volume to your lash line they’re fluffy, commanding and they’re not for the faint of heart.

Let’s not beat around the bush – these lashes are showstoppers. For the bold. For the sharpest of wing and blackest of liner. For those who bake and contour and blend till they die. We have a lash for you. Seductress is a bold – both in texture and density.

The details that matter:

  1. Made of a perfect blend of synthetic and human hair.
  2. Handcrafted? Of course!
  3. Goes great with: Wings so sharp they could cut, bathing yourself in highlight, the glamest of eye looks.
Again, Angela Bright looking like a straight-up GODDESS! This time rocking our Seductress lashes.

Well, that’s it from us guys and gals – until next time! If you liked this blog let us know and we can make a sassy series out of it!

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