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False Lash Life Hacks: Tips and Tricks 2.0

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Question: who remembers our first ever blog post? If you don’t then no stress, it was way back in December of 2017 after all! For those of you who can’t remember, or haven’t read it (what are you waiting for? It’s right here) it was all about the six false lash life hacks that we swear by. Since it’s nearly been TWO YEARS since we wrote that post (can you even believe it?) we thought why not throw a few more tips and tricks your way.

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Now, let’s get on with it!

  1. Lash tweezers are your BFF

Ok, so we’re starting off with a pretty basic tip but honestly, lash tweezers make all the difference. They’re dull, so there’s no risk of waving pointy-ass tweezers around your precious eye area and ours, like many others, made of stainless steel – so they’ll last pretty much forever. Our tweezers are also hand-crafted, and, if we say so ourselves, hella affordable. Snag yourself a pair right here.

  1. Don’t forget about your eyelash curler

Last time we mentioned how important it was to curl your natural lashes before applying your falsies, but curling after is our best-kept secret. Once your lashes are on, and the glue has had time to dry, we like to go back and give them a gentle squeeze with our handy lash curler. Note: the key word here is gentle. This step helps to blend your natural and fake lashes together and it’s honestly become a crucial part of our routine.

  1. Elbows on the table, ladies, and gentlemen

This might sound kind of odd but we swear by using a table, or something else just as stable when popping on lashes and doing our eyeliner. Being able to steady yourself makes such a difference and we’ve found it can make such a difference as to whether your lashes go on just right the first time, especially for beginners. How do we do it? Hold the lash gently with your lash tweezers, apply the glue, wait a good 15-30 seconds and the rest your arm on the table in front of you. Look down into your mirror and pop that bad boy on, we like to glue the middle down first and then secure the front and end of our lashes.

  1. Treat ‘em mean keep ‘em keen are not words to live by (when it comes to lashes, that is)

Sometimes yanking off your lashes after a long night out, throwing them at the nearest table or sticking them to the closest flat surface, and forgetting about them ‘til the next time you need a little added volume is so tempting. But trust us, it’s not the way to go. If you gently take your lashes off after wearing them (your delicate little eyes will thank us later), use some makeup remover to gently clean them, remove any excess glue, and pop them back in their container so they don’t lose shape, you’re going to get MANY wears out of them. Check out this post we wrote about how we care for our lashes #ReduceReuseRecycle.

  1. Bend it (like Beckham)

This is something we learned back in the day from Cosmopolitan, and it’s a trick we still use to this day. As your eyes are naturally curved, so are your false lashes. (That’s why when they arrive, they’re lightly adhered to the packaging in a semi-circle shape.) However, because everyone’s eye shape is different, sometimes giving them a little extra boost can go a long way. After gently removing them from their packaging, wrap the base of the lash around your finger and hold it there for 10 seconds or so. The result? A perfectly curved lash. If you’re wondering what lash styles might work for you, take a look at this post we wrote about finding the perfect lash for your eye shape.

Do you have a lash tip you swear by? If so, head over to our socials and share!

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