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How to Care For Your False Lashes #ReduceReuseRecycle

Looking after Fake Eyelashes

Ok, so you’ve found your perfect pair of false lashes. You know how to put them on, you get wicked compliments from guys and gals within a five-mile radius, you know how to take them off, but – most importantly – do you know how to care for those babies?!

Noone wants to be buying a brand new pair of lashes every time they go out, but if you follow our simple instructions your lashes will last you five, 10, even 20 times!

Ok so in our previous blog, “False Lash Hacks”, we told you that it’s super dooper important to remove your false lashes gently. Don’t tug them, rip them, or worse – leave them on til they fall off (girl, you know you’ve got to wash that full face off before bed!). Grab the lashes firmly between your thumb and forefinger and gently peel them off. Be careful not to yank because you don’t want to pull out individual hairs – ain’t nobody want balding lashes! Now, you’ll likely have a pair of very glue-y, gunky lashes in your hand. Woohoo, success!

If you want to reuse these bad boys then it’s essential to remove the glue, but don’t just start picking it off willy-nilly – that will probably end badly. With one hand, hold the lashes firmly between your thumb and forefinger, with the other, pull at the glue gently until it comes away. Some glue actually removes easier if you roll it between your thumb and forefinger, so if it’s being particularly stubborn then give that a go.

Once you can see your lash band again it’s time to clean! If you like to blend your natural and fake lashes together with mascara then this is a particularly important step for you. Likewise, if you use eyeliner to help conceal the lash band. However, both of these can make your lashes look a little tired. To clean your lashes all you need is some makeup remover and a couple of cotton-swabs. Place your lashes on a flat surface and lightly hold onto the lash band, then dab the cotton-swabs into the makeup remover and gently brush the lashes, moving from band to tip. We recommend not to soak your lashes as it can make them lose their curl, however if this is your preferred cleaning method then go for it – you can always re-curl them later with a warm eyelash curler!

Now that your lashes are fresh as a daisy, where do you put them? Storage is key, you didn’t just spend a whole three minutes cleaning those babies to throw them into the cavernous black hole that is your makeup bag! At SocialEyes we’ve designed our lash packs in such a way that they’re ready to reused at a moments notice. Just line the lash band up with the half-band tray in your packaging, pop the plastic top on and Bob’s your uncle!

Ok, so now you’re a total lash professional – but we’d still love to know any other tips and tricks that you guys use! Drop into the comments below and let us know your handy-dandy lash secrets, and while you’re at it – we’d love to know what your favourite pair of lashes are!