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The Lash Convert Diaries – Vol. 1

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Watch us turn a lash skeptic to a lash lover in our exclusive new blog series.

For our very first post, we thought it would be fitting to bring you a legitimate lash story. We’ve put tons of time into asking real women about their thoughts on falsies, and we’ve identified some common fears of women who are intrigued by the idea of false lashes, but are maybe a little intimidated by them for various reasons.

Oh hey there! Hello and welcome to the brand new SocialEyes blog!


We’re so stoked to bring you a closer, more intimate look at SocialEyes and to share our passion for lashes with tips, tricks, stories, educational posts and more. But if we’re honest, what we’re most excited about is the fact that we now get to interact with YOU in another way. The team here at SocialEyes recognizes that our customers are our bread and butter and the reason we thrive – so, we wanted to create some seriously cool content for you to enjoy – and we *might* even throw in the occasional promo code every once in a while!


We want you to see us as the authority on all things lashes and while we already feel we’re well on our way to that status via our handcrafted, vegan lashes, our new blog will help solidify it by bridging the gap between SocialEyes and you, allowing us to connect directly.


For our very first post, we thought it would be fitting to bring you a legitimate lash story. We’ve put tons of time into asking real women about their thoughts on falsies, and we’ve identified some common fears of women who are intrigued by the idea of false lashes, but are maybe a little intimidated by them for various reasons.


We get it – believe it or not, we were once lash newbies ourselves! And while now we can pretty much throw on a pair of lashes in our sleep, we all vividly remember our first time tangoing with a falsies. We know that it can feel impossible to apply lashes properly, and that sometimes it’s easy to second-guess yourself. If we had a nickel for every time we heard “they look great on models, but I’m not sure I can pull them off”, we could retire – but we’re here to show you that falsies are nothing to be afraid of. ANYONE can rock them and look amazing.


It’s all about application and lash choice, and once you’ve got that down, the difference a lash makes in your look is astronomical. Lashes are a fun way to enhance your natural beauty and boost your eye makeup game, not to mention your confidence.


So, we present to you The Lash Convert Diaries, an exclusive SocialEyes blog series in which we take a beautiful babe from lash skeptic to lash enthusiast.


Meet the subject of volume one, the stunning blue-eyed, red-headed Kristina. She’s a model, filmmaker and Reiki practitioner. Her vibe is easygoing and totally zen.


Here she is sans lashes, and you can clearly see she’s a knockout even without them, but just wait until you see how she looks with them on – they really take her look to the next level.



Lash Experience: Semi-newbie. Kristina has worn lashes a few times for photo shoots, but they’ve always been applied by someone else and often she feels as though the result she wants isn’t achieved.


“I felt like the lashes chosen for me were always way too thick and heavy, which I thought made my eyes appear smaller. I also didn’t find them comfortable and the glue always seemed to irritate my skin and leave me with watery eyes,” she says.


Falsie fears: Kristina’s main concerns with false lashes are:


  1. The lashes looking “too much” on her. Ultra-glam, over the top lashes are a lot fun and of course we think they’re stunning, but we acknowledge that they’re not for everyone, which is why we offer styles from super subtle to all-out dramatic. Kristina is after a natural look, and we’re more than happy to deliver exactly that!


  1. The glue. Kristina tells us that almost every time she’s worn lashes, the glue has made the skin on her eyelids red and caused incessant watery eyes. Damn, no wonder she’s a lash skeptic! We suspect she might have a latex sensitivity, (which is very common) and we’re hopeful that our vegan, latex-free glue with its convenient brush applicator will be the exception. We’ve got loads of experience with sensitive eyes and so far, even those with the pickiest peepers seem to have zero issues with our glue!


The lashes: For Kristina, we thought our Butterfly lashes would be absolutely perfect. They are full and soft, giving the wearer a flirty boost of length and volume without the impression of a false lash. In other words, these babies make you look like you just happen to have perfect lashes naturally. They’re the ultimate lashes for beginners. Jackpot!

Image of butterfly lash being held.

We grabbed the essentials – the lashes, our glue and of course our exclusive lash application tweezers, and walked Kristina through the simple steps of applying SocialEyes lashes (watch for the ultimate “how-to” guide, coming soon.)

Lash Convert Series - Showing False Lashes Supply


Kristina wasn’t comfortable being photographed while applying the lashes, which we totally get, but we’re pumped to share the results with you!


Some simple tips we offered;


  • Bend the ends of the lashes towards each other in sort of a horseshoe shape, and proceed with a gentle rolling motion so that the lashes curve more, conforming to your eye shape and making them easier to apply.


  • Allow the glue to sit for about 30-45 seconds before applying lashes. The tackier the glue, the better the lash will stay and the cleaner and quicker application will be – plus, this reduces the risk of getting glue in the eye, since the consistency is less runny.


  • Looking down into a mirror, hold the lashes upward so that they can easily be dropped right onto your lash line. This is by far the easiest way to nail lash placement.



Throughout application, Kristina didn’t stumble once. She steadily applied the lashes like an absolute pro, commenting several times that they were so much easier to apply than she thought, that the lashes felt light and airy and that the glue was a non-issue. That’s what we love to hear! As for the result? “I can’t even believe it. My lashes look full and long but they’re SO natural looking,” Kristina exclaimed. “The difference is amazing”.


Here’s Kristina with one lash on (with one coat of mascara on top of the lashes for ultimate blend-a-bility) and one eye without lashes, for comparison:

Showing someone with and without false eyelashes


And the final look:


So, did we convert Kristina into a lash lover? “Oh, definitely”, she confirms. One week after our lash session, Kristina reports that she has easily applied and worn her SocialEyes lashes several times, (with no glue reaction, btw!) and is even keen on experimenting with more styles.

All in a day’s work, guys, all in a day’s work. Stay tuned for the next installment of The Lash Convert Diaries, and feel free to hit us up and let us know what you would like to see featured on the SocialEyes blog.


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