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The Lash Convert Diaries – Vol. 2

Choosing the right lashes for a beginner

The Lash Convert Diaries Vol. 2


Watch us turn a lash skeptic into a lash lover in our exclusive blog series.

Welcome to another installment of The Lash Convert Diaries, where we take a gorgeous gal who is new to the world of false lashes, and glam her up with SocialEyes! We want to give you a firsthand look at how our vegan, handcrafted lashes can easily take your look to new heights, and we’re determined to show you that anyone can master the art of the false lash.


In this case, we’re getting up close and personal with gorgeous Vancouver based actress Brooke Walker. She’s a striking brunette – a perfect mix of your traditional Girl Next Door and a feisty femme fatale. Brooke wanted to try some falsies for the opening night of an Agatha Christie play in which she recently starred and we were happy to oblige. Here’s Brooke in full makeup without lashes. As you can see, she already looks amazing, but hold tight- the lashes will elevate her look and get her eyes ready for the limelight.

Here is a picture of Brooke before putting on false eyelashes

Lash Experience: Newbie. Brooke had worn lashes once or twice on set, but has never applied them herself.

The few times she has worn lashes in the past, Brooke loved the way they looked, so she was eager to learn how to apply them herself.

Falsie fears: Brooke’s hesitations were rooted in her lack of confidence. She didn’t believe she could get the hang of false lashes. She was convinced that they would end up on her forehead, and doubtful that they’d ever look as seamless as the lashes she’d seen on Hollywood A-listers. Plus, these were for stage, so she couldn’t have any mishaps!

The lashes: We chose Whiplash for Brooke. They are perfect for her almond shaped eyes, and are ideal for beginners. With their super sexy, full-on-flare at the outer corners, the drama and glamour Whiplash brings makes them an excellent choice for stage.

Product packaging for Whiplash Natural Fake lash


We guided Brooke through lash application and were thrilled when she found our directions, glue, lashes, and tweezers to be super easy to use! She had NOTHING to be worried about – the girl is a natural! She nailed the application – check out the huge difference for yourself!

An Image of Brooker Applying the false lashes


Image of somone wearing false eyelashes

Look at that girl GLOW! The big question – did we take Brooke from lash skeptic to lash lover?

YES! We’re happy to report that Brooke plans to stock up on Whiplash, and that the lashes took her through four performances without a single issue – no budging, no slipping, and definitely no forehead lash.

Now listen, false lashes aren’t going to save the world, but putting a pair on can change your look in a heartbeat, enhancing your natural beauty and giving you an added dose of confidence.

We love nothing more than seeing the women discover that they can have fun with falsies, rock them anywhere, and never be intimidated by them again!


Bat bat, wink, wink,

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