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What’s the deal with lower lashes?

bottom lashes

Question: Have you ever worn lower lashes? If not, why not? Scared?

That’s what we thought. But not to worry, we’re here to quell any and all fears surrounding lower lashes and empower you to start rocking a fuller lower lash line!

In all honesty, we’re happy for you to rock your lashes whichever way you please. Full, thick, long, glamorous, natural, mascara’d to the hilt – whatever you like. But, if you’re interested in learning a little more about falsies (particularly those you can whip on your lower lash line) then keep reading.

Maybe Twiggy is your fashion icon. Maybe not. Regardless, anyone can rock a false lash on their lower lash line. (Spoiler alert: you don’t even have to wear them at the same time as your traditional false lashes on your upper lash line if you don’t want to! Shocking!)

Here at SocialEyes, we make a bunch of lashes that are specifically designed to be worn below the eye. In general, they’re more sparse and a lot more natural than your average false lash. In saying that, if you like the way they look, feel free to wear ‘em however you dang well please.

To start, why don’t we run through a couple of different kinds of lower lashes?


These false lashes are a delicate bottom lash perfect for opening up your eyes and adding a little piece-y volume. Designed so that their tapered hairs will help you achieve that innocent, doe-eyed look, these are a great foray into the world of bottom lashes.

The details that matter:

  1. Made from perfectly natural hair
  2. Hairs woven onto a clear band
  3. Handcrafted? Always.
  4. These are perfect for: going BOLD with your lower lash line, balancing a dramatic upper lash, making your wink extra flirty!
Cutie lashes


A wise woman once said “it’s hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world”. (Ten points for guessing who!) We don’t think truer words have been spoken. Our spin on that philosophy is that it’s the small things that makes a diamond, and if you feel good then you’re off to a pretty great start! Our Dolly lashes are an easy way to add a touch of glamour to any look with their natural, evenly spaced tufts.

The details that matter:

  1. Made from perfectly natural hair
  2. Hairs woven onto a clear band
  3. Handcrafted? Always.
  4. Perfect for: late night guitar jams, balancing out a bold upper lash line, Tim Horton’s cookie dates.
Dolly lashes


Just because you’re shy doesn’t mean you don’t have anything to say, we get that. Wallflower lashes are designed to give you the added confidence needed to make a statement with your look.It’s time for the rise of the Wallflowers!

This bottom lash adds length and a sharper look to your natural bottom lashes. They are the perfect lash to use as a full strip, or to be cut to your individual taste. You can also use Wallflower in addition to your regular upper lashes to create a powerful statement.

The details that matter:

  1. Made from perfectly natural hair
  2. Hairs woven onto a clear band
  3. Handcrafted? Always.
  4. Goes great with: SFX looks, a bold outfit, dressing up.
Wallflower lashes

Now, how do you go about actually applying these bad boys? Don’t stress, it’s really pretty easy!

  1. Grab your lashes the same way you would any false lash (i.e. using a tweezer tool, or  your fingers). Measure the lash to your natural lash line and trim if necessary.
  2. Gently apply your glue to the lash band (check out this previous post for more detailed application info).
  3. Wait a good 15-30 seconds for your glue to get tacky and gently place the lashes on the centre of the lower lash line. Totally up to you whether or not you decide to push the lashes under or over your natural lashes – we’re in favour of underneath but that’s personal preference!
  4. Be sure to brace your elbow on a flat surface so you’re not super wobbly (it’s a very precise job after all). Now stick down the inner and outer corner and adjust as necessary.
  5. Leave to dry for a few seconds and add a final coat of mascara to blend. (We suggest applying these lashes as the very final step in your makeup routine (i.e. after you’ve channeled your inner Jaclyn Hill and blown out your lower lash line, popped on your inner corner highlight, etc. etc!)

Ok, now we’ve given you the low-down it’s time to give them a whirl for yourself! Don’t forget to tell us your lower lash tips via Twitter or Instagram, and tag us in your pics too!


Until next time!

Love, the team at SocialEyes x