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What’s Your Style? Finding the Perfect Lashes for any Eyes.

Choosing the righ false eyelashes for eye types

Round? Close-set? Almond shape? Hooded? Downturned? Prominent? Everybody has a different eye shape and that can sometimes make picking the perfect pair of lashes a challenge. But we’re here to tell you that no matter your eye shape, we’ve got the lashes for you!

So, when looking for the lashes that best suit you, where do you start? Well, it’s important to firstly define your eye shape, so let’s start there! Not only is determining your natural eye shape important for picking the right pair of lashes, it’s key in knowing how to apply eye shadow and liner in a way that is complementary. There are many, many different eye shapes but we’ve outlined a few below for you, so see what description fits you best!

Hooded eyes have an extra layer of skin that can droop down over the crease, which can sometimes make your eyes appear smaller than they really are.

Monolids appear very flat on the surface and don’t have much of a crease, leaving the brow bone area a little less defined.

Deep-Set eyes are large and, unsurprisingly, set deeper into the skull – creating a very prominent brow bone.

Prominent eyes really pop and create the appearance of larger lids.

Downturned eyes have a slight drop at the outer corner.

Almond or upturned eyes have a natural lift at the outer corner.

Close-set eyes have less space between them.

Round eyes are just that – round. Rather than petering out at the inner and outer corners they’re larger and don’t lose shape, think Zooey Deschanel or Katy Perry.

Picking the right pair of false lashes can instantly make your eyes appear bold, bright and beautiful. However, it can be pretty daunting to find the pair that ACTUALLY does this for you, because not all eye-shapes – and therefore lashes – are alike!

Deeper-Set – For people with deeper-set eyes, more dramatic and longer lashes are key because often the lash band is less visible, so you need that little bit of extra length.

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Round eyes/Downturned – Winged and wispy is the way to go! It’s the easiest way to create a faux-almond eye shape and really elongates the eye.

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Hooded eyes/Monolids – Don’t go too heavy here, it’s best to find a lash that actually tapers at each end and is a little fuller in the middle. For monolids in particular, a fluffy lash can also work wonders.

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Almond eyes – Really, anything goes here, it depends on the look you’re going for. Many lashes are tailored towards people with almond eyes. If you’re looking for volume then a fuller, fluffier lash is best, of if it’s length you need then a longer lash will do the trick.

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Close-set – Lashes that are fuller towards the outer edge – and even half lashes – look phenomenal on people with close-set eyes. And, pro-tip, the opposite can be applied to people whose eyes are wider apart.

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Prominent – Again, a wispier, more natural lash can actually work really well on someone with more prominent eyes. Also, because you have a larger lid-area to work with often you can create a beautiful eye look and then pop on lashes as the cherry on top.

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We hope that helps! We love seeing our lashes on guys and gals from around the world, so don’t forget to tag us in your pics using #SocialEyesLashes! 😘

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Love, the team at SocialEyes x