How Many Times Can I Use My Lashes?

With proper care applying and removing, our lashes can be applied 10 (or more!) times. Be sure to carefully remove any glue and/or makeup from the lashes before placing them back in their holding tray to store them without ruining their shape. Please see our lash removal guide for more tips on how to make your lashes last the longest.

How do I remove the Lashes?

Generally, the easiest way to remove your false eyelashes is to apply a makeup remover on a cotton ball or pad, pressing it to your eye and waiting for the makeup remover to loosen up the glue. Once the glue is softened, gently lift up on the outer corner of your fake lashes and slowly/ gently peal the lash up along your lash line until you can fully remove them.

For longevity, you can gently clean your false lashes with a cotton tip & makeup remover or rubbing alcohol after use, picking off any excess glue along the lash band. Make sure to store your used lashes back in the try to maintain them for their next use! If you are gentle, and maintain them properly, you can get 10-15 uses (or more) out of a lash.

How do I apply the Lashes?

Carefully peel your false eyelashes from the tray, being extra cautious to not damage them. Place one lash along your lash line- you want the false eyelash band to follow the length of your natural lash line and not be excessively long or it will feel uncomfortable. If the false lash band is longer than your natural lash line, trim the outer corner of the false lash band to the correct size, and trim the same amount off of the opposite lash so they both match.
Please note- never cut the inner corner of a false lash- it will cause it to look unnatural when you apply.

Now that the lashes are a perfect fit, using our lash glue that has a brush applicator, apply a light coating of glue directly along the lash band, with a little extra on the inner and outer corners to prevent lifting.
Let the glue dry for 20 seconds or so (our glue is latex free and quick drying so don’t leave it too long).

Using your fingers (or our handy dandy tweezers) place the false eyelashes along your natural lash line as close to your lashes as possible, leaving no gap between the false lashes and your natural lashes. We suggest placing the middle of the false lash to the middle of your lash line and then attaching the outer corner, followed by the inner corner.
Give the glue a few seconds to set, before using your tweezers (or fingers) to gently press along the length of the lash line ensuring that your natural lashes are blended with the falsies.
TA-DA! You’re now an expert 😀

*IF you are applying half lashes- no need to trim, line up the outer corner of the false eyelash band to the outer corner of your natural lash line and proceed the same way!

*You can apply mascara before or after false lashes (or both!), but typically people enjoy doing it before applying their false lashes as to not change the shape or length of the falsies by adding the mascara after. It also gives bold/dramatic false lashes something sturdy to ‘lean on’ if you apply mascara before 😊