Silver Series

Sometimes doing the right thing is hard. With our Silver Series Lashes, it’s not.

Model Wearing Silver Series False Eyelashes
Look, we’ve heard the arguments. “You just can’t get the same quality from synthetics” or “Mink lashes are just better” or even (and our favorite) “I feel bad doing it, but for certain events my lashes need to be perfect so I’m forced to get minks”. We set out to prove those arguments wrong – to make a truly premium false lash without the use of animals.
Designed to mimic the best parts of Mink or Silver Fox Lashes, but in a humane and animal-free way, we’re pretty sure you’re going to love them. We know the foxes do! They’re our premium-feel, vegan lashes, and we’re pretty darn proud of them. We’ve been told by our many happy fans that they feel just as good as the other guys fox and mink lashes, but at a lower cost – both to your wallet and to the environment.

Our Promise

The reality is, the beauty/fashion industry needs to keep working to solve it’s many issues. Problems such as body shaming, the environmental costs of excessive product packaging and animal cruelty all need vocal outcry. Which is exactly why we launched our Silver Series Lashes. We set out
to prove that you can have the premium product without the cruelty that goes with it.

We’ve decided to give 10% of all profits made from the Silver Series line away to various animal rights non-profits – this quarter it’s the WWF. That’s right – for every $100 we make off a Silver Series Lash, we’re giving away $10. It’s just our way of going one step further to prove to the world that doing good doesn’t have to be hard.

So what are you waiting for? Give them a try and let us know what you think!

Model wearing silver series false lashes no minks or foxes involved.